Description Min. Order Qty Units Weights
Asparagus 1 Bunch -
Aubergine 0.5Kg Kg 5Kg Box
Baby Corn 1 Packet 80g
Butter Nut Squash Kg Kg 10Kg
Button Mushrooms 1 Box 2.27Kg
Carrots (Nets) 1 Sack 12.5Kg
Carrots (Pre-Packed into 1Kg) 1 1Kg -
Cauliflower 1 Each -
Courgettes 0.5Kg Kg 5Kg Box
Fine Beans (Loose) Kg Kg 1.5Kg Box
Fine Beans (Top & Tail) 1 Packet 150g
Flat Mushrooms 1 Box 1.5Kg Box
Green Chillies 0.5Kg Kg 3Kg Box
Large Onions 0.5Kg Net 20Kg Net
Leeks 0.5Kg Kg 5Kg Box
Mangtout (Loose) 0.5Kg Kg 1.5Kg Box
Mangtout (Pre-Packed) 1 Packet 150g
Mixed Chillies 0.5Kg Kg -
Mushrooms 0.5Kg Kg 2.27Kg (5lb) Box
Mushrooms (Pre-Packed) 1 Punnet 250g
Pre-Packed Broccoli 1 250g 4Kg Box
Onions (Medium) 0.5Kg Net 20Kg Net
Onions (Pre-Packed into 1Kg) 1Kg 1Kg 20 x 1Kg per Net
Parsnip 0.5Kg Kg 5Kg Box
Red Cabbage 0.5Kg Kg 10Kg Net
Red Chard 1Kg Kg 5Kg Box
Red Chillies 0.5Kg Kg 3Kg Box
Red Onions 0.5Kg Kg 10Kg Net
Savoy Cabbage Heads Head -
Shallots (Banana/Torpedo) 0.5Kg Kg 4Kg Net
Shallots (Round) 0.5Kg Kg 4Kg Net
Shiitake Mushrooms 1 Box 0.5Kg
Spring Cabbage 0.5Kg Kg 0.5Kg
Sugar Snap Peas 0.5Kg Box 0.5Kg
Swede 0.5Kg Kg 0.5Kg
Turnips 0.5Kg Kg 0.5Kg
White Cabbage 0.5Kg Kg/Head 0.5Kg
Wild Mushrooms 1 Box 2Kg
Wild Mushrooms 1 Punnets 250g

What About...

  • Salad

    We offer a choice of refreshing salads including Cooked Beetroot,
    Selection of Cress, Various Lettuce, Peppers and Tomatoes.

  • Fruit

    Get your 5 a day with our extensive range of fresh fruit. Apples to
    Dragon Fruit, Strawberries to Physalis, we supply it all!

  • Potatoes

    Our range of high quality Potatoes include Bakers, Salad Potatoes,
    2kg Pre-Packed, Chipping and Washed Whites.

  • Bread & Dairy

    Our bread and dairy range includes Fresh Bread, Milk, Cottage &
    Grated Cheese, Free Range Eggs and Muller Yoghurts.

  • Prepared Foods

    Reduce your preparation time with our freshly prepared Potatoes,
    Carrots, Onions, Parsnips and many other Vegetables.

  • Frozen Foods

    We are no longer stocking Frozen Foods.

  • Herbs

    We offer a great selection of herbs including basil, chives, coriander,
    dill, ginger, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme to name a few.

  • Sandwhich Fillings

    We have a large selection of sandwich fillings to serve cold or hot!
    From simple Chicken in Mayonaise to Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

  • Miscellaneous

    Here you can find everything from Mayonnaise, Cooking Oil,
    Bravi Chips and Cartons of Fresh Juices.